The United Transition Network is a unique organization because though many organizations provide social services that are geared towards resettlement, housing, and heath care, our staunch commitment to help secure jobs for young professional immigrants and for heads of families who are struggling to find employment makes us radiate brighter and uniquely amongst other organization. Employment securement is the prime and paramount focus of our mission because we are an organization that is boldly and strongly rooted in the belief that we can, in the biggest or smallest way we can to be able to help the dreams of immigrants that come to the United States to push through the frozen sod, blossom, ripen and bare fruits that can help change the future of their families, their immediate communities, their nations and hopefully the world for the better.


United Transition Network's value is driven by the sheer idea that all individuals deserve a second chance. We are commitment to treating everyone with dignity, humility, and integrity. Our work is also driven by compassion towards struggling new members of our community by espousing a strong sense of fairness and impartiality in the services we pledge to provide.


The United Transition Network believes that immigrant families bring promising seeds of talents and skills that remain largely dormant and underutilized in their new country mainly as a result of language barriers, bureaucratic bottlenecks, education credentials, and overall lack of adequate services that recognize their skills and full potential. Owing to these various challenges and barriers, our goal is to help immigrant families to secure employment through mentoring, coaching, referrals, and other services so that they can lead secure and productive lives. Through our community driven services , we believe that young and skillful individuals will be able to give back to their adopted community, thus also helping them reduce the risks of depression, marginalization, financial insecurity, and other hiccups that may arise from being unemployed, underemployed, and underrepresented.


Unemployment affects our economy and people's lives in so many ways. It not only creates insecurity for individuals and families but it also affects the very social fabric of a nation. Long-term unemployment creates an avenue for criminal activity, poverty, dependence on social handouts, and hopelessness amongst the youth.


In a constricting economic environment where competition even for the lowest paying job among US natives is fierce, many immigrant professionals are either accepting low-paying jobs that don’t require complex skills or they remain unemployed because of the many barriers they face as a result of their status. Many of the immigrant youth and families come to the United States to either pursue a higher education or to simply find jobs based on the assorted professional training acquired in their native countries.


However, they find themselves struggling to provide for their families or become dependent on social services due to the lack of available jobs or due to unrealistic educational criteria’s espoused by many US institutions, thereby making their professional and education backgrounds obsolete and affecting their psychological and emotional wellbeing along the way.


Therefore, doctors, lawyers, nurses, accountants that have accumulated years of experience in their native countries come to the US to only find their American Dream shattered. Our goal is to guide these talented individuals navigate through the system so they can utilize these skills and qualifications and provide them the tools to better themselves, provide for their families, contribute their share to the country that has given them a second chance, and most importantly make them model citizens.

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